What does BSM stand for?
Baptist Student Ministry

How long has BSM been around?
Since the Fall of 1919. The precursors to BSM were YMCA and Baptist Student Missionary Movement of North America.

Is BSM related to BSU?
Yes. In 1995 we changed our name from Baptist Student Union (BSU) to Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) in order to be more descriptive of what BSM is all about.

What’s the purpose of BSM?
To engage Texas college students to follow Christ and transform the world. Last year BSM engaged 90,000+ students on 110 campuses in outreach, Bible study, and missions resulting in 942 new followers of Christ! Over 6,000 students were involved in mission adventures to transform the world.

How many campuses have a BSM?
About 110.

How does BSM work?
BSM is designed to be Christ-centered, church-sponsored, and student-led. BSM Staff (Directors, Associate Directors, Interns, and Campus Missionaries) serve as missionaries to the campus, investing in the development of student leaders and engaging students to follow Christ and transform the world. Each campus will have both staff leaders and student leaders who work to carry out this task.

Does BSM take the place of church?

  • The BSM is only in place on campuses because of the Baptist churches who love college students enough to put it there. BSM is an arm of the local church’s ministry.
  • BSM is the bridge to help connect students to churches and churches to students.
  • As you’re involved in BSM, you will be encouraged to be involved in church. BSM staff can help you find a local church.

  • Can I be involved with BSM if I’m not Baptist?
    Yes! The word Baptist in BSM describes the people who care enough about all college students to provide the ministry rather than the students involved.

    What if I’m going to live at home and go to school?
    If you will be living at home and attending your current church, we want you to know about BSM, too. BSM gives you the opportunity to get to know other students on your campus and participate in spiritual growth, leadership, and ministry opportunities with fellow students on your campus.

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